9 Month and 10 Days

Long time no see!!! I’m writing as one adventure ends and another begins. The And Then They Went to China Adventure officially ends tonight as Russ lands in Denver with all of his bags… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Visit to China Part 2- Shanghai


Thanksgiving Visit to China Part 1

One of us lives in China and one of us lives in America…and it’s not the way you would like. 🙂 Since August 22, 2014 I have often thought to myself with shock and… Continue reading

Bike Polo in Taiwan

This last weekend I (Russ) was in Taiwan.  The trip was prompted by a bike polo competition in Tai Chung.  4 members including myself from our polo team in Beijing traveled and had… Continue reading

From One Adventure to Another

So, we are in America now. Russ heads back to China at the end of August and I will stay here in Colorado working on a little business situation for our little family.… Continue reading

Last Day in Beijing…:(

Chinese Kids Play Russian Jewish People!

One of the things I am most sad about leaving Beijing is that I’m going to miss my best friends/colleagues. For the first time in my 9 years of teaching dance in an academic… Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

I am one very blessed girl to have had not one but two dads growing up and now three with Russ’s dad Bob! Pop, I love your dry sense of humor, love of… Continue reading

10 Things I Will Miss/10 Things I Won’t Miss

It has been an incredible 10 months of living, working and adventuring in Beijing, China! As this teaching year comes to a close and I begin packing my things I’ve been doing a… Continue reading

10 Months in Beijing Without My Baby….Ava

While I’ve had an incredible 10 months of living in Beijing I have to say that my heart leaps as I am counting down the days until I see my baby dog again!!!!!!… Continue reading